POSE-Mirror HPM Red



Jordan Nickel, a.k.a. POSE, blends elements of Pop art, comic books, cartoons, and street art in his energetic, fragmented murals and paintings on canvas. The artist layers together colorful images of familiar objects and motifs—old-school television sets, tinned sardines, faceless men, and teary-eyed women, for example—as he explores themes of love, loss, and triumph.

POSE embraces a crisp illustration style and vibrant, high-contrast color palettes. He got his start in graffiti at age 12, enticed by the colorful lettering.

Product Condition: New ★★★★★
Artist: POSE
Title: Mirror HPM Red #6
Dimensions: 61 × 76.2 × 5.7 cm
Medium: watercolour and pencil on paper
Year: 2016
Edition Or Proof Type: Edition 6/6
Note: -
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