Yuya Hashizume-Work



Born in 1983 in Okayama, Japan, artist Yuya Hashizume is known for his colorful series of works “eyewater”. With over ten years of experience in making illustration art, Yuya is a good observer of people and their everyday life in contemporary society.

He captures the hidden emotions of a person and transforms them into colorful cartoon images. The tear lingering at the eye corner of the figure and the use of vivid colors characterize the portrait works of Yuya. It is a representation of the sadness that everyone intended to hide in the bottom of their heart; even the person may seem to be so perfect and joyful outside.

Product Condition: New ★★★★★

Artist: Yuya Hashizume
Title: Work
Dimensions: 73 x 60.7 cm
Medium: Giclee on canvas
Year: 2021
Edition Or Proof Type: ED 2/10
Note: Signed and numbered on the side
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